Wedding favors, Participations, Thypography,

Invitations & Placeholders

Participations, Typography, Wedding Favors,

Invitations & Place Cards


Pimp My Event Consulting is GioiaCarta's official reseller!

GioiaCarta is a professional company in the wedding sector, is a supplier of wedding invitations, even a printing company that prints and customizes wedding invitations. They have over 7 years of experience in producing and distributing wedding articles in the United States and this year they are starting to exhibit their products in Europe. They have excellent printing technique (hot gold printing, laser cutting and relief printing) which can surely guarantee their high quality. All the designers in their company design over 50 models every year.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to be an official GioiaCarta reseller so that you can place exclusive, high quality invitations, typography, wedding favors and invitations at your disposal!

Pimp My Event Consulting

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