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Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering's motto is: "Entertain and have fun with food"!

The Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering product line is different from its local competitors because the menus are created by Monica Balli directly on YOUR idea, taste and needs. The menu is created as if it were an event in itself, not just the food.

Free your senses, a new experience awaits you! Let yourself be captivated by Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering: from creation to taste through design with a spicy point that sparkles. Visible chefs, bites with an attractive design, an authentic taste with a set up for the table and bars created to order or to choose from their private collection. Production of fittings to elevate the kitchen, get lost in taste and play with emotions. Designer for interiors, exteriors and for the table with internal production. The best raw materials are chosen by their Chefs to create magic. Controlled short chain, strictly handmade. Their passion takes you to the authenticity and beauty of taste.

Michelin starred Chefs and International Chefs: the Chefs of Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering can be Italian, Tuscan, starred, but also international to guarantee the best authentic experience ever, just as if closing your eyes you feel right there!

Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering differs from the others: they love food, they love to experiment with new things, they love beauty, they love ironed linen and professional and beautiful staff both in food and in drinks, everyone can have the best. They decorate international themes with personalized productions and refined design, they design and produce professionally to amuse and entertain.

Pimp My Event Consulting is delighted that Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering has agreed to entertain you and have fun with food!


Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering

Chefs chosen on your experiential choice design your service from scratch on every food with local shopping, wherever you are!

The Tuscan Bites Chef at Home service offers a chef on site according to your needs, takes care of breakfast, lunch and dinners. For this service they offer high quality Chefs, but also Sommeliers and Bartenders (tiki bars and regulars) and other specialists in the food sector.

Whether it's a day or a month,Tuscan Bites Chef at Home are happy to improve your life!

Catering - Chef at Home

Tuscan Bites Chef at Home

Beauty, Grace, the Knowledge of Professional Bartender are a show in themselves!

The Tuscan Bites Bartendering Team combines Perfection with Taste!

From Tiki to Vintage, to Classic, to Virgin. Their super power? Passion for Perfection!

It is your event and you are enjoying it. Create a special corner for that fascinating moment that is the bar. Get a special menu with all kinds of drinks, cocktails, mocktails and more.

With Tuscan Bites Bartendering you can get a professional Bartender and amaze your guests with perfect cocktails, courtesy and entertainment: let the guests remember the evening this time ...!

Bartendering - American Bar - Open Bar

Tuscan Bites Bartendering

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