"We don't create Events, we create Dreams!"

Making Dreams Come True

I was born in France where I graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and where I started a university career as a Linguist and Jurist. To complete this course, I move first to Spain and then arrive in Italy where I am living permanently since years.

In Florence, I became a Translator-Interpreter registered with the Court of Florence, the French Embassy in Rome and the French Consulate in Florence. I join the teaching staff of numerous public and private schools as Teacher and Reader of French. I work as a tax advisor for the disabled. I do the practice law and prepare the State exam for Lawyer. Fascinated by the languages ​​and having the talent for contact with people, whatever their nationality, for the past years I am managing two tourist facilities for which clients I plan even-Italian gathering evenings.

I devote myself to the in-depth study of the Event Planner, earning a Master of High Professional Training in Event Organization, a Wedding Planning and Management Qualification and a Certification for passing an Event Organizer Course, thus becoming a Wedding Planner and Professional Event Planner.

Finally I can dedicate myself to my Passion for Creating and Organizing Events: this is how Pimp My Event Consulting is born and the opportunity to transform Dreams into Reality!

             Laure Maréchal       

Meet The Team


Choose the Professionals to work with or with whom "work together" should never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Which is why I surround myself exclusively with Collaborators who meet Excellence criteria so as to be able to assure You of impeccable Performance and an Event at the Height of Your Dreams!

Pimp My Event Consulting

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