Hairdressers, Make-Up Artists & Beauticians

In addition to the Make-Up Artist, Anna Lazzarini is also a Painter with Face Painting & Body Pianting!

Graduated in Scenography and Costume for the Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Anna Lazzarini embarked on her first work experience as an assistant costume designer for some operas at the Teatro Verdi in Padua and subsequently took over the passion for Make-Up and her deepening through courses in Venice and Austria.

Always embracing the theater environment, Anna Lazzarini also dedicates herself to cinema, advertising and wedding make-up.

It offers a face painting and body painting service for acrobats, dancers and performers who entertain clients during corporate or wedding events.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to count among its Collaborators Anna Lazzarini to make you become a real Star!

Make-Up Artist, Face Painting & Body Painting

Anna Lazzarini

Fabio Velotti: between Miles Davis, Mario Martone and Enzo Moscato ... Jazz, his style!

Born in Naples in 1975, he did not talk about jazz at home, much less he listened to it. As a teenager Fabio Velotti repeatedly stuck his nose in the small houses of his relatives but even there he can never say that he had ever encountered traces of that music. Why was he looking for her ...? He understood that he should pursue jazz and had to do it in order not to be completely captured by the stereotypes of his cultural context. He would have approached it to everything, even to his work, more precisely to his job.

Later on in the years he would meet the theater on the street. Another passion! He happened to see Rasoi by Mario Martone many times; he saw it and saw it again with the intent to study it to redo a new version with a theater company. Not prose but verses. Verses that told deep rhymes. Magnificent verses of his language, the Neapolitan, brought to excellence, to the sublime, by Enzo Moscato.

The chemistry between these two substances, jazz music and the theatrical word, over the years has raised evocations within itself. So after working in several cities in Italy and some in Europe, in 2006 Fabio Velotti was completely inspired by their reaction. Jazz has guided and inspired him to the notional and even unpredictable improvisation of his work, always far from clichés. The Rasoi theater has inspired the place as an occupying space where the moods, the moods of the customers, move first and foremost. Not a bureaucratic format, born who knows where, away from him ... but a project that is first of all a sought-after space built according to his sensitivity, a space for authentic relaxation and the rhythm of post-craftsmanship that he called Rasoi Hair Jazz.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to count among its Collaborators Fabio Velotti and his Rasoi Hair Jazz to pamper you to the rhythm of Music!

Hairsalon & Barbershop

Rasoi Hair Jazz

Sandra Hair Stylist: the guarantee of the perfect hairstyle!

Sandra Bonnano is a hair stylist with over thirty years' experience in the bridal hairstyling sector, able to frame and enhance every face with a delicate and charming hairstyle, enhancing every type of beauty.

His goal is to make you beautiful and impeccable in the most important day of your life. Evaluating with you the most suitable hairstyle for the features of your face and the look chosen for the wedding, you will know how to achieve the perfect hairstyle, highlighting all your beauty and femininity. Because on the day of your wedding you can have shining hair and will also propose specific treatments for your hair, preparing you for the big day.

Pimp My Event Consulting is certain that with Sandra Hair Stylist you will receive a professional service and perfectly in harmony with the look chosen for your big day!

Hair Stylist

Sandra Hair Stylist

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