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Il Porcospino

Restaurant & Location

From Il Porcospino, we don't just bite great dishes, we go into history!

Before 1469, in this place there were modest public houses in which it is said that the painter Giotto was born. In 1470 Niccolò Benci had a house built for his family that only a century later assumed the shapes and dimensions of today's building. In 1575 the Benci family decorated the façade with frescoes, to which the painter Bernardino Paccetti also participated. Precisely for this reason in the same year the building won a competition that rewarded the most beautiful painted facades of the city.

On the ground floor, where there are now the premises of Il Porcospino, one can admire lime-based wall paintings, which means that presumably they were later executed after the external facade was built, probably around the eighteenth century.
In the two inner rooms you can admire allegorical representations in the central part of the ceiling and bucolic subjects in the side walls.
These frescoes are carefully studied in detail, as can be seen from the luxuriant vegetation, from the cherubs that flutter throughout the hall and from the various types of birds, especially the parrots represented in their various colors.
The obvious intent of the painter was to recreate in the hall, which was probably used for receptions and banquets, a set that represented an internal courtyard with the garden.
Finally the allegorical frescoes that can be admired on the ceiling show two important quotations by Dante Alighieri himself, taking up two passages from "Inferno" and "Purgatorio" of the famous Divine Comedy.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to propose Il Porcospino for your Events, a perfect combination of Art History and Culinary Tradition, all accompanied by Excellent Wines and High Quality Service!

Tuscan Bites Florence

Restaurant & Location

Welcome to the home of Michelangiolo, today home of Tuscan Bites Florence!

At Tuscan Bites Florence you don't enter only in Florentine History: you enter in the Florentine Culinary History!

In fact the Chefs of Tuscan Bites Florence offer you a traditional Tuscan cuisine: the dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from ancient recipes handed down from Grandmothers!

They only cook local ingredients and seasonal ingredients they have at our disposal to offer rustic dishes of Tuscan cuisine. They make homemade pasta every day: tagliatelle, gnocchi and ravioli to combine with fresh and genuine sauces. Main courses of meat, cheese, fish, salads, stuffed crushed, desserts and much more! They provide a wide selection of drinks, Tuscan wines, craft beer, organic fruit juices and organic drinks.

Tuscan Bites Florence provides the entire restaurant for private events, birthday dinners, anniversaries, seated up to 24 people, with a single table of up to 16, a buffet of up to 40. The restaurant is closed for YOU!

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to count Tuscan Bites Florence as Collaborator: Genuine, Traditional, Quality Cuisine accompanied by Drinks Selected with Great Service, which will make Your Joy!

La Ménagère

Restaurant & Location

The historic space of La Ménagère, the first Florentine household store born in 1896, is reborn as

a Concept Restaurant!

La Ménagère is a container of multiple souls, where the setting up and design act as a binder to create an informal environment in which high-level cuisine, flowers and home accessories can meet and live together. An unconventional place where the quality of food is put first with the love of form and the strength of an idea of ​​dreamers who have made this space concrete.

Materials with an industrial flavor, recycled objects that come back to life and elements created by hand draw 1.500 square meters with a contemporary flavor. La Ménagère wants to be a romantic place in the constant search for novelties in terms of culinary, musical and contemporary design: a new urban showcase of trends and elegance, a meeting point and collaborations between emerging Chefs, Makers, Designers and Artists; all characterized by the unmistakable style of simplicity and harmony typical of La Ménagère.

The philosophy of La Ménagère Food is to offer high quality foods inspired by the respect of the culinary tradition revisited in a contemporary way. The menu follows these principles enriched with contrasts and combinations: culinary oxymorons such as hot-cold, soft crunchy, sweet-salty. The result is the possibility of being able to make a culinary experience in an exceptional environment. From 2018 Fabio Barbaglini works in Florence as Executive Chef at La Ménagère, developing different concepts of contemporary cuisine, aimed at enhancing the naturalness of the products and in particular, through the enhancement of certified supply chains and the search for products to enhance their naturalness.

La Ménagère at night dresses in entertainment, the lower floor is a space dedicated to live music and in more locations available for the organization of private events. La Ménagère Live wants to be an industrial corner with retro touches where music, relaxation and entertainment come together to transform an evening into a unique and innovative experience.

Pimp My Event Consulting is very happy that La Ménagère has joined the Collaborators Team to offer you an innovative space where you can enjoy your Event!

Restaurant & Location

FOOO - Florence Out Of Ordinary

Florence Out Of Ordinary was born within the first Italian The Student Hotel!

FOOO is an international place, looking to the future, to those who need curiosity and to be involved in a dynamic dimension. It is the perfect place where food, art, fashion, design and architecture live perfectly together within the same space. Inside it coexist different restaurant souls, a Concept Store, a Cocktail Bar, a web Radio, a Coiffeur, a Bike shop, a Rooftop Bar and much more ...

The philosophy of FOOO is based on the desire to create a place to be and stay, at all times of the day, experiencing different moments.

The restaurant boasts a sophisticated and conceptual proposal designed and created by expert chefs. The focus is on the natural and seasonal ingredient. The result is a refined cuisine, delicate, healthy and rich in flavors. Pizza is outside the box and goes beyond the classic idea of ​​the latter. The basic idea is that of conviviality. The bistro is full of dishes inspired by the most current trends where modernity and tradition go hand in hand to give life to dishes that are beautiful to look at and healthy to eat. The cocktail bar is the place where intense flavors and unpredictable mixes come alive, transforming the drink into a unique experience.

Music is a fundamental part of this space, it is one of the protagonists, as it entertains and unifies all the different areas. The shop offers vinyls, selected among the major labels and the most experimental ones, for a range specialized in the reference genre: electronics.
FOOO has built a live web, inspired by some of the major European underground web radios, which broadcast stories and music of DJs, writers and personalities from various artistic fields every day through their own channels. The latter, through the microphones of the Music Store, share experiences, visions and much more!

Pimp My Event Consulting is very happy that FOOO has joined the Collaborators Team to offer you an innovative space where you can enjoy your Event!

'O Munaciello: a small slice of Naples in the cradle of the Renaissance!

'O Munaciello was born on September 19, the day of San Gennaro, in 2005 in the heart of the Florentine Oltrarno. The spaces that house the restaurant - the old stables of the nearby Brunelleschi convent of Santo Spirito - are well suited to immediately become a refuge for lovers of Neapolitan cuisine and the world.

It is clear, however, to everyone that the undisputed queen is always HER, the pizza, the true one, who conquers all with her thousand facets always skilfully mixed by the mastery of our historic master Pizzaiolo Carmine Candito, currently at the helm of ''O Munaciello Miami in Florida, opened in March 2017, now admirably followed by Francesco Anglani at the Florentine pizzeria in the last year.

Among the novelties, now the unmissable is the black pizza: a very small part of vegetable carbon added to our dough makes the pizza black but above all more digestible: the leavening goes from the classic 24 to 48 hours, making the pizza even more light and giving a truly evocative chromatic game. From the kitchen arrive scents of the sea, from the large pan to the rock with paccheri with octopus, piennolo cherry tomatoes, Gaeta olives and fresh pesto, and then the desserts, all of our production except for the baba that arrives directly from Naples.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to offer you 'O Munaciello for your event all Neapolitan in the heart of Florence!

Restaurant & Location

O' Munaciello Florence

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